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Michael Bay accepted the blame for that  Scifi action movie Transformers 2 is a poor quality. He explained that the issue of strike protests of these writers between Years 2007 and 2008. It’s the major cause  to fall from the first movie.

Bay gave an interview to this magazine Empire, “We made some mistakes on …. and then look back to the movies. I agree that it’s quite bad and because of the strike of these writers  affecting strength. It is very difficult  to create a movie out. If you have time to write about the movie  just three weeks only. I spent months preparing  a 14 page paper that is just the idea that the movie will feature what we do. It’s how  to create a very bad movie.  Not only Bay but also the hero of the story Shia LaBeouf  accepted as well. The quality of the movie decline in part 2. “It’s like we lost the way. We want the great movie and better.  It was great the first part, right? Mike tried hard. which The end it too much. And I think  we have lost trust in what the whole movie took it away.

The film director who specialist  the forefront of the world  also confirmed that the movie called. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an excuse for him, a task that everyone must see. And will not end up as bad as  the last  movie certainly.